We can all understand how stressful it is to undergo a renovation on even the smallest of projects. With an affordable yet relevant budget, Dinah Design & Decor will help you makeover your space.



What We Provide

All dinahdesigndecor projects are completed with the utmost professionalism and dedicated talent. We know that every space is different, and strive to give each space a unique look that will last a lifetime. Glance through our past and current projects to see what we’re capable of and schedule a consultation to see what we can do for you.



Specialized in kitchen cabinets.

We offer services based on our client’s budget and needs: whether we team up with other builders or specialized kitchen brands, or design and build one's kitchen from scratch - we provide our clients with what suits them best.

What we offer that other kitchen brands do not is that we incorporate professional interior design into your kitchen cabinet and worktop choices. Most kitchen companies will only provide you with cabinets and worktops. But when you makeover your kitchen, you don’t simply want to change cabinets, you also want to change the whole look. From floor to ceiling, we are ready to help you renovate from the start to the very end.

Dinah Design & Decor also offers design & build services for interior design on home renovations, commercial and even one-room design projects.


Manage and supervise construction work to ensure that everything runs accordingly.

Even the smallest renovations can be stressful. At Dinah Design & Decor, we provide services managing enterprises from small-room projects to large-scale renovations.



Who doesn’t want a makeover for your home? 

Dinah Design & Decor will help you makeover your room or space according to your budget. 

Other than renovating spaces, we also transform and revamp your valuable possessions into stylish works of art. An old dresser of sentimental value can be fashioned to suit your new space, for instance. Not every makeover project requires new items. The best possessions are often those that can be recycled and improved.



We work as your personal kitchen / interior designer and not like your average kitchen company. We identify with our client's wishes, and do whatever we can to remove any of that unwanted stress that comes with home renovations. Most importantly, our clients pay the price of a contractor's work, but receive the quality of design and services of professional designers.



Dinah Design & Decor started humbly as a one-woman show, focusing only on cabinetry service. It grew from cabinetry to interior design, and then to design & build services. Dinah Design & Decor was founded by Dinah Rakhim based in Shah Alam, Malaysia, who graduated with a Bachelors in Industrial Design (Hons) and Masters in Design Technology (MA) from Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia.


"A comfortable kitchen is one of the greatest assests needed for a good life & a happy household.

Johnny Grey